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If Africa were one country, then its wealthiest province – Gauteng, South Africa – would undoubtedly be its capital city! The African professional and business space is becoming more and more open with significant daily increases in cross-border activity and growth in the number of 'expatriates' - defined as individuals embarking on a different country from that of birth or upbringing.


With this in mind, The Expatriate SA is a Gauteng based publication that captures the stories of African professionals and entrepreneurs who thrive beyond political borders. It is distributed nationally in SA through CNA stores and read internationally via a full digital edition on the website. It is continuously advertised on Africa's leading business channel CNBC Africa.


This expert bind for the expat mind brings to the fore stories of South African business people who have ventured north of their border and the millions of other Africans who have streamed to 'the continents capital' over the past few decades.


The platform goes beyond the quarterly publication to organise various networking activities in Gauteng in partnership with a number of well-known corporate partners.

If you want to conquer Africa, start with its people!


About Us

The African Professional™ (formerly The Expatriate) was established in 2010 as a platform for the interaction of African professionals and entrepreneurs based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since then, the forum has expanded to have an appeal beyond local borders with readership across the continent.

The quarterly printed publication is available nationally in SA through CNA and other retail stores and is read internationally via a full digital edition on this website. Our full Media Kit is available for download through the ADVERTISE tab on this website.

The African Professional™  - An Identity Embraced, An Ideal Personified.

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