JONAHLast night I changed my dinner order at a hotel in Namibia from lamb chops to grilled fish. Time to watch the cholesterol like a coach does the clock in extra time.

I just learnt of a hat trick of Ghanaians all less than a decade my senior passing away as a result of heart issues. First, the older brother of my very close friend, then BBC's Komla Dumor and now Richard, the enterprising son of one of Ghana's richest men Sir Sam Jonah.


When I met Sir Sam, I was struck by an excellence all Africans can only stand to learn from and admire. Today, I emphasize with the man I interviewed for one of our previous cover stories. It is a tragic tale of two sons, one -Andrew- serving a long-term sentence in a US jail and the other now deceased at the tender age of thirty-eight.

Richard Jonah was a hard-working executive director of Jonah Capital, the investment-focused entity his father founded after retiring from the presidency of Anglo-Gold Ashanti.

Richard held a Bachelors degree in Economics from Haverford College, Philadelphia and an MBA from South Africa's University of Pretoria GIBS. He worked in Wall Street with Goldman Sachs before joining London's NM Rothschild. He helped his father start Jonah Capital in 2003 which had its headquarters in Johannesburg. At the time of his death, he was also a director of Metropolitan Insurance Ghana, Jonah Mining Ghana, Mobus Property Holdings and Cape Concentrate.

Various news sources indicate that he had been unwell for about three weeks and passed away in his hotel room in London while his father was ironically at the funeral of Komla Dumor in Ghana.

Richard described himself on his twitter handle @egobee as a "serial African entrepreneur championing Africa, living the hard downs and great ups of this journey called life!"

It is a desperately sad reality that living that life is now over for this emerging champion of Africa. Fare thee well Richard Jonah, gone way too soon.

Image by JCC Crafford photography

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