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2011 it begins


img001Twenty one one! So it begins another year for target setting if you that way inclined or just for living if that’s your thing too. I can’t sit here and tell you one way is more right than the other.


Whatever we faced in 2010, the fact that we are reading this means that we had the strength from wherever to persevere and see it through! May the year ahead be absolutely everything you make it. No matter how hard we try to make sure we prevent it, $hi! will definitely happen, our reaction to it determines how our day, week, month or year turns out.


The World is ending, what's your legacy?

"In the end, it is about the depth of one's character as opposed to the depth of one's wallet....."

At the end of last year I really took it easy and tuned into the world. I listened to people and read what they had to say on blogs, emails and social networks. It struck me that many are not happy. They bear some bitterness towards their jobs, their parents, their spouses or some other element of their existence.

They forget that there are many out there who can only wish that they had these things in their lives. 


Textbooks and tradition

"NASA sent a probe to Mars yet the SA government cannot send textbooks to Limpopo."


During the last quarter Ghana lost her president, Juju continues to go from "kill for" Zuma to 'kill' Zuma, we had our first double amputee compete in the able bodied Olympics, Jackie Selebi unsurprisingly was granted medical parole and it snowed in Joburg.

But most notably, NASA sent a probe to Mars yet the SA government cannot send textbooks to Limpopo. In August 2012, some students still hadn't got textbooks and some blind students had received books meant for full sighted children. What grates my cheese though is the fact that people are just dumping these books in velds or burning them instead of delivering them to those in need.

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