Tunisia – Great Fish Lies Behind White Walls

Quote: "I expressed a verbal appreciation of the fascinatingly first class highways in my passable high school French. Abdel responded with a hint of a gloat that the country was as good as anything in the West of Europe. I would have agreed with the comparison had he not pounded a few shallow pot-holes and flown past a couple of beggars at a malfunctioning traffic light...."

I left the southernmost country in Africa destined for the most northern nation on the continent. The strange thing was that the cheapest options available involved spending a few hours outside the continent in a stop-over either in Paris, Rome or Dubai. I chose to mount Emirates given the pleasant experience I had the last time I flew on this airline, the highlight being generous space in economy class which I find to be a must for a lanky individual on a long-haul journey.



EBOKA 4QUOTE: "People generally get shocked on hearing the names of the people I have met and dressed. I recall when I recently visited Houghton to design a dress for Graca Machel. I received a phone call from an uncle and whispered into the phone that I couldn't talk as I was in Mandela's home. 'Oh really,' he smirked. 'Is Jesus there too?"

Two seemingly menacing but ultimately friendly dogs welcome me to the beautiful mansion that is the home of Fred Elu Eboka in Brooklyn, Pretoria. As we settle down for this interview in the living room surrounded by his superb paintings, I am keen to know which area of Nigeria he comes from.

"That is not important," he says declining to respond. "Neither is what tribe my parents come from. I am an African. It is the colonialists who decided to cut up the continent into different regions and countries without any careful consideration. These lines have resulted in unnatural consequences as it does not work when you cut a piece of cloth against the grain."

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