Baana Ba Kintu - The Kingdom of Buganda Alive in SA

IMG_4482"We would also like to acknowledge our sister associations in the Eastern Cape and North West provinces of South Africa as well as the rest of the Diaspora including Swaziland, Botswana, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland and Sweden. Let us never tire of promoting our culture."


Baana Ba Kintu - "the Children of Kintu" - is a fitting tribute to Ssekabaka Kintu who, in around 1300 AD, together with a group of fourteen wise men, presided over a conference at a place called Nnono and founded the Kingdom of Buganda.


AUPSA: Ugandans claim to a piece of SA

camera_pics_25.10.10_444In the winter of 2009, a group gathered at a resort north of Pretoria to share and confer on matters Ugandan. What started off as a social meet would with the descent of night see members agree that it was time to establish The Association for Ugandan Professionals in South Africa (AUPSA).


It is now regarded as an institution where ambitious and driven Ugandans of like minds meet to pursue excellence, share social ideals and exchange opportunities.


AUPSA aspires to unite Ugandans without any regard to religious, political or ethnic inclinations of the Professional members of the Ugandan community resident in South Africa. The only exclusivity pursued is that membership is open to only those individuals who have a formal qualification or earn a living from a legal trade.


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