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The Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovation Awards Programme is South Africa’s foremost business Awards programme. TT100 has been recognising innovation and technological prowess in South African companies for more than 25 years. In going forward it is focused on identifying true managerial leaders who through innovation, tenacity and a belief in people, have been able to take their organisations to new levels of competitiveness. The programme seeks to identify role models within the management of innovation and technology domains who have demonstrated their excellence in co-creating new workplace realities.

Since its inception in 1991, TT100 has emerged from being merely an award function, to one where the adjudication process has moved towards gaining a quantitative and qualitative assessment of what drives the role models who have qualified from the adjudication process. The key drivers which determine the potential for these organisations to maintain and improve their competitive advantage are depicted in the TIPS™ framework, which is used to adjudicate entrant companies and is explained below. In the past 25 years, this process had been refined to the extent that organisations now use the metrics to manage and lead their operations. It has resulted in the development of a new perspective on sustainability and the identification of key drivers which could facilitate global competitiveness.

Entrants of the TT100 programme include a wide spectrum of operations in diversified industries. They exemplify those who through passion, perseverance and a highly developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and have become recognised as significant players in the global economy. These organisations are recognised as sustainable, high-performance operations.

The programme is open to any organisation – emerging, small, medium or large, which has been operational for more than one year.

The process requires entrants to log onto the TT100 website ( to register their entry. On receipt of the registration, an assessment is conducted and in the event of acceptance, companies are notified and required to make a pledge in the form of a donation towards the establishment of the TT100 research fund as follows:

Emerging organisations R500

(Turnover of below R5 million)

Small organisations R1 000

(Turnover between R5.1 – R35 million)

Medium organisations R1 500

(Turnover between R35.1 – 100 million)

Large organisations R2 000

(Turnover above R100 million)

(Above are all VAT Excl)

Please note that these pledges are tax deductible and accordingly, we will provide you with the necessary receipt. Once proof of payment has been received, entrants will be given a link to the TT100 questionnaire which would have captured information already submitted. Most entrants find completing the questionnaire to be a significantly valuable exercise, as it takes them on a journey regarding the management of innovation, technology people and the system at large.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, TT100 will arrange for entrants to present a submission to a panel of adjudicators – this usually happens during the latter half of the year. On acceptance by the adjudicators, companies are entered into the final stage where our panel of adjudicators select qualifying, finalist and winning organisations, which are announced at the Awards function presided over by the Minister of Science and Technology.

Entries will commence on 15 May 2016 and will conclude on 5 August 2016. The award event will take place on 27 October 2016 at the Johannesburg Country Club.

For more information on the Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovation Awards Programme, call Carol Varga on 011 900 4466.

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