A day in Botswana: Just meat and dry heat

QUOTE: "Indeed, he is cooking a fresh Kenyan in the co-driver seat as I battle to handle the punishing temperature. The window is open half-way; low enough to let air in but high enough to allow a conversation between us above the familiar din of South African music playing on the radio. 'Happy 46th Independence Day from 96.2 Gabz FM!' the DJ pounds....."

"Welcome to Botswana," the pilot says.

Sir Seretse Khama International is quite a majestic name for the modest airport. As I disembark from the aircraft to walk across the runway in the 30 degree weather, I am greeted by this welcome sign glistening in Carolina blue.

The Airport is named after the first post-independent president whose son is the current president. Having taken off at O R Tambo International, the contrast is clear. But to be fair, I have been to many landing fields on the continent and I must say that the Botswana one punches above its weight and signs of ongoing renovation indicate that they are making it even better. My host, Success, receives me and we drive out through an exit lined with flagless poles.


African American at a Zulu wedding

"One of the best ways to enjoy Africa's vibrancy is by attending a traditional African Wedding. Electrifying, emotional, spellbinding, beautiful, dramatic are amongst the many adjectives I would use to describe what goes on...."

Earlier in the year, I set off to pursue one of my life long missions; to live and work in Africa. And so it was that I, Juanita Nene Ceesay, a girl born in America to African parents, left the confines of my secure life in New York to venture into the unknown world with only two suitcases to my name.

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