Tunisia – Great Fish Lies Behind White Walls

Quote: "I expressed a verbal appreciation of the fascinatingly first class highways in my passable high school French. Abdel responded with a hint of a gloat that the country was as good as anything in the West of Europe. I would have agreed with the comparison had he not pounded a few shallow pot-holes and flown past a couple of beggars at a malfunctioning traffic light...."

I left the southernmost country in Africa destined for the most northern nation on the continent. The strange thing was that the cheapest options available involved spending a few hours outside the continent in a stop-over either in Paris, Rome or Dubai. I chose to mount Emirates given the pleasant experience I had the last time I flew on this airline, the highlight being generous space in economy class which I find to be a must for a lanky individual on a long-haul journey.


Expatriate in France - Comfort in places that feel familiar

"Some of my fondest memories growing up are of time spent at the National Library in Maseru. I have now made the Bibliothèque Mazarine and American Library in Paris my new sanctuaries. They couldn't be further from home – but they feel just the same......"

I seek familiarity in foreign places. It is a survival mechanism I employ. Not the familiarity to be found in socializing with fellow compatriots while abroad, but the familiarity of spaces and places. Places that will not only feel like home, but also offer some semblance of sanctuary in my home away from home. It does not matter if I am staying for a few days, or on an extended sojourn – my habits remain the same.

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